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The Undefeated Flame, Everything Else Is a Piece of Cake KIBLA, Maribor , 2013

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The common denominator to this exhibition is a love and passion for painting, and with painting.

Nine paintings created in the spirit of: Break and build (Solve. Coagula.) … for new enterprises, for moving forward, for other things. Every consciousness creates a new unconscious; every contribution creates a new nothing. And during all of this, without stopping, I am pushing my life/painting forward. The idea for a painting is the atmosphere, inside which I am working; a sensation I am trying to reach and catch in an artwork. I want to create another world, a feeling of the past and old and a fresh beginning again and again. The vision comes from the inside and I never know how much it is really infected by the conscious and unconscious perception of the outside world.  The vision is open and blurred and it progresses with each subsequent material intervention into the painting. The inner concept is the driving force behind visual decisions with materials on the painting. To me, painting is an activity with no purpose other than a passionate discovery of new things – and of course, Louise, I still believe you that I paint, because I know no other ways of seduction. It is true, to free myself from the solitude to which I was doomed by birth, I am willing to nourish such a pitiful and scornful desire. Any other comment about my work is but a pale approximation through four different doors: needle, the past, unknown and quiet landscapes filled with ornament and old books, material.

Natalija Šeruga



Decompose and Compose - Solve et Coagula (paintings, 2013)


Natalija Šeruga; The Undefeated Flame, Everything Else Is a Piece of Cake, KIBLA, Maribor , 2013 (together with Milan Golob)

Solve et Coagula - The Undefeated Flame

  Hydrogenium; recreate during this entire world, without stopping, again and again. I am attracted to thinks-old books fed with people’s lives throughout time. ... Sulphur; the idea for a painting is the atmosphere, inside which I am working. ... Natrium; Solve et coagula in paintings. Yellow pages are easily intertwined also with my life, simply because I love the past. ... Kalium; Alchemic maxim: Solve et coagula through the process of painting. I have been accumulating, collecting old books, and from them creating the present, my art work, so the present is again pressed into the past. ...Plumbum; Alchemic maxim: Solve et coagula Process of creating art for me in many ways has a lot in common with the principle of mercury, which is still called the traveller or the pilgrim.