A covered carriage in Persia was called Armamaxa. It was generally luxuriously appointed and used by women and also by Persian notables.


2007, Gallery Miklova hiša, Ribnica, Slovenia

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Natalija Šeruga – Exhibition Armamaxa


Among the other kinds of litters or carriages used in the East are: the imari, carried by elephants and camels, so named from Imar, the inventor, also called hodaj, or hawdaj (howdah), made of wood, or cloth stretched over a frame, and either open or covered at the top; and the takht-i-ravan, usually carried by mules within shafts before and behind: it is the Armamaxa, in which the children of Darius and their attendants were carried. (Qiiintus Curtius, b. iii. u. 3.)

The Bakhtyar Nama: A Persian romance. Translated from a manuscript text by Sir William Ouseley. p. 126.