2007 - Armamaxa, Gallery Miklova hiša, Ribnica, Slovenia

Armamaxa is a covered Persian chariot and is also name or 22 oil paintings of Slovenian contemporary artist Natalija Šeruga. She elected this Latin word, Armamaxa, first, because Armamaxa is sweet-voiced word. Second, because Armamaxa is connected with Persia, woman, ornament and a Divine chariot.
Armamaxa Armamaxa
Armamaxa Armamaxa
Armamaxa Armamaxa


A Note on the Chariot of Zeus
I. W. Cleeve

But the first of The Twelve Leaders (i.e. The Liberated Gods), is said by Socrates to drive a Winged Chariot (πτηνπον αρμα) in The Heavens. How therefore, can he who is connected with The Kosmos , and who approximates to The Gods in The Heavens, be considered as the same with him (i.e. The Demiurgos) who is exempt from all [Kosmic Natures,] and who abides, as Timaeus says, in his own accustomed manner? (Proclos, Theol. Plat. VI, Ch. 19 tr. Taylor)


ο μεν μηγας ηγεμων εν ουρανω Ζευς, ελαυνων πτηνον αρμα, πρωτος πορευεται, διακοσμων παντα και, επιμελουμενος (Phaedr. 246e)
"Now The Great Leader in Heaven, Zeus, driving a Winged Chariot, goes first, arranging all things and caring for all things." (Fowler, Loeb 36)
αρμα does not merely mean a chariot, but a complete equipage, including the horses (LSJ [1996] S.V., as an organised and disciplined unity - in fact, αρμα is a Pythagorean word for 'Unity' (ibid . s. v. Ill).
It especially signifies a war-chariot, but is also used for a racing-chariot, and even just for the team of horses yoked to either. (ibid. s.v. I., I. 3)
It should be noted that Liberated Zeus leads an army of Gods and Daimons, an organised group united to a single purpose and way of Life, and so rides in a war-chariot.

The Contrast between The Divine CHARIOT (αρμα) of ZEUS and The IRRATIONAL VEHICLE (οχημα-πνευμα) of Human SOULS

αρμα is opposite to ochma (LSJ [1996], s. v. I), which is the term used for the Irrational Vehicle or Pneuma (Οχημα-Πνευμα) of the Human Soul in the Timaeus (41E). In the myth of the Phaedrus, it is 'heated' by the Inspiration of Intelligible Beauty, and so is energised to grow it Wings.
(See the Scholia on EROS-3.REF, Ann. 6: "The HEAT of INTELLECTUAL FIRE and The WINGS of The Dry SOUL".) - This scholia is to be found later in this issue.
In exoteric terms οχημα signifies a vehicle drawn by mules (ibid.). What a powerful image this creates: on the one hand there is the sleek, light, rapid war-chariot (arma) of Zeus; on the other a mule-cart (οχημα) dragged by an ill-matched and inharmonious pair of mules - each of them born of ill-matched parents - as the Vehicle of a Human Soul.
αρμα is also opposite to armamaxa (ibid.), a covered carriage, generally luxuriously appointed, and used by women and Persian notables, e.g. the Persian ambassadors to Susa. (ibid. s.v. αρμαμαξα); for, esoterically, the αρμα is not a vehicle of the Senses, but of the vaulting purpose of Reason and Intellect.
Source: http://www.prometheustrust.co.uk/html/chariot_symbology.html

άρμάμαξα, a covered Persian chariot (esp. for women and children), Cu. Lewis, Charlton, T. An Elementary Latin Dictionary. New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago. American Book Company. 1890.





No, the sky is not the actor and we are not only peasants. This is neither reality nor consequence. Also, it doesn't displace us on the world's chessboard and the truth is that it suddenly let us go into the hole of nothing.
I am smoking and I am writing words: Armamaxa, Maxa Mara, Oradea, greenish ocker, velvet, bathroom. Armamaxa is because of loving going places and because of the ornament. We are all on the way.
With Armamaxa I have arrived here. Now I am a little bit tired. Get up, there is all eternity for sleaping, (Omar Hajam). I am smoking a cigarette.
Sometimes I hang around Samarkand. I don't know the reason what for. I stroll about and I go places.
Samarkand, Edgar Alan Poe says: And now you should view Samarkand! Isn't it the king of the world? Proud above all cities and there destinies in its hand?
And even more about Samarkand, Samarkand, the most beautiful face, which Earth has ever turned to the Sun.
From Armamaxa I am looking at the fields of rhubarbs; on this day my granny had a birthday and she cooked the best rhubarbs compote. I will have the field of rhubarb. It has a taste of Armamaxa, of Samarkand and Granny Zora.
Look at these ignorant people, they govern the world.
If you are not one of them, they say you are unbeliever.
Don't you worry about them, Hajam, you should follow your own way.
Natalija, I hope he didn't deprive you of wisdom, wisdom of silence, without which nothing is appreciated and well-preserved. You should have two faces: one you should show to the crowd, another one to yourself and to him. If you want to keep your eyes, ears and tongue, you should forget that you have eyes, ears and tongue. Is it a deal?

(Natalija Šeruga, 2007)