Natalija Šeruga Golob: SALVE REGINA, 2018 (2:59 - video)



.... Project SALVE REGINA is composed of FOUR elements:




.... SPIEGEL IM SPIEGEL (Arvo Pärt, 1978)


.... SALVE REGINA - SHROUDS (22 large-scale paintings)

.... SALVE REGINA - MIRRORS (53 small-scale paintings)

.... SALVE REGINA – BRASS WEIGHTS (14 small-scale paintings)


.... SALVE REGINA I (see also exhibition: SALVE REGINA I)

.... or

.... SALVE REGINA II (see also exhibition: SALVE REGINA II)

.... or

.... SALVE REGINA III (see also exhibition: SALVE REGINA III)


.... SALVE REGINA (video) is a visual experience that parallels my painting work; SALVE REGINA - SHROUDS (large-scale paintings), SALVE REGINA - MIRRORS (small-scale paintings) and SALVE REGINA – BRASS WEIGHTS (small-scale paintings).
.... I filmed the video SALVE REGINA in Piazza Grande, on the main square of Palmanova, Italy. Piazza Grande was empty and it shined in unearthly light on a day when I filmed the video. In the middle of the square was a beautiful, rotating carousel with horses. The video displaced us in a time of repetition (neither beginning nor ending – Ouroboros – Uroborus. The video takes my art work SALVE REGINA to the next level.
.... I am asking you: Do you hear the primeval ringing, the rattling and the children's laughter of your ancestors?